GST Bunch Admission Test Results 2022 (A B C Unit)

The result of the Preliminary Application for GST Batch Admission Test Result 2021-22 has been published. This year, many of you (GST) applied for the GST cluster admission test. However, the application deadline for these 20 public universities in an integrated or cluster systems has expired. So, now you want to know the result of this initial application. Only those who pass or get a chance in the preliminary result of this initial application will be nominated for the final application of this group of universities later. So now we will discuss how you can easily see the results of this bunch GST admission test 2021. So let’s discuss all the issues including the result of GST Primary Application Result 2021-2022 – GST Admission Preliminary Result.



GST Bunch Admission Test 2021-2022

Many of you do not know what is GST bunch admission test 2020-21? In fact, for the first time in our country, 20 public universities have come together and taken admission tests with one question paper. The method of taking this combined admission test is called GST or bunch admission test.

Hopefully, this issue will not create any doubt in anyone’s mind from now on. Since the completion of these integrated admission test activities. Everyone is looking for results now. The good news is that these results have been published today.


Read the whole post carefully to see the results. We have added the bunch of test results in 2022 here.


Bunch admission result 2021

Are you here to view or collect your bunch admission test results 2020-21? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This is because the GST Authority has published the results of this test. They have added these results to their website and made it open for public viewing. In addition to them, we have also added a bunch of preliminary admission test results A BC Unit 2021 on our website for your convenience.


Although the results of this admission test were supposed to be given long ago, it was not possible to publish the results at the right time due to the Korea situation. Anyway, as a result of giving this post, I hope that those of you who are students will be able to see the results very easily.


Preliminary results of bunch admission test 2021

Preliminary results of the integrated bunch admission test of 20 leading universities of the country 2020-21 have come out today. You must have come here to see your admission results. You can easily see the results from here. We have added PDF files and pictures of the results so that you can easily get the results with a single click.


Good to know this GST bunch admission test will be held in a few steps. First, the student has to apply for this admission test in an initial way. Students who pass the result of this initial application will then have the opportunity to participate in the final admission test.

Thus, the results of this initial application are very important. So let’s take a look at the results of your initial application form below.

See results here



How to see the result of GST admission test 2021

Many of you are asking us how you will see the results/results of this GST bunch admission test 2020-21. See and follow the whole process given below to see the bunch of admission results very easily.

So let’s follow the steps below to see your GST results. Note that by looking at these steps and applying them correctly, anyone can see the results in PDF format. Here we have used the link of the official website to view the results so that you can see the results quickly.

Rules for viewing bunch admission results:

First, enter this gstadmission website.
Then give all the information (whatever they want) including your roll number.
Now if there is any security code, complete it properly.
Then click on the Submit or Result Options button.


Hope you got your desired result. If you still do not see the results, then click on the link below to see the results.

GST Primary Result Check



Preliminary merit list of bunch admission test

A preliminary merit list of GST bunch admission tests based on 2021 units has been published. For your convenience, we are publishing the unit-based results of this merit list here. So from here, you can see the results of the admission test of A Unit (A Unit), B Unit (B Unit), C Unit (C Unit).

Let’s look at the bunch admission test units from below

Bunch A Unit (Science) – GST A Unit (Science)
Batch B Unit (Humanities) – GST B Unit (Arts)
C Unit (Business) – GST C Unit (Commerce)
A unit result:

Many students have applied to this unit. Since it is a unit of the science department, only science students can apply here. So click on the link given below to see the results of the admission test of this unit.

The result of A unit



B Unit Result:

This B unit is basically for the students of the humanities department. All humanities students can apply here. See the results of B unit from the link given below.

B is the result of the unit



C Unit Result:

C unit or C unit is for the business department. So if you have applied in this section, let us know if you are on the merit list by clicking on the link below to see the merit list in this unit.

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