How to Write Recommendation Letter

How to Write Recommendation Letter?


The beginning of the letter of recommendation,
In this group, I can see many thoughts and questions of many, especially bachelor applicants, regarding the recommendation letter. Many questions seem to contradict the definition of a letter of recommendation. So I want to share with you the idea that I have a little knowledge of the recommendation letter.

A letter of recommendation is a statement

A letter of recommendation is a statement from a teacher who knows the applicant well. So that he can convey to the Scholarship Committee a clear reflection of the qualities, characteristics and skills of the applicant.
Now suppose you take a sample recommendation letter from the internet and edit your information and put it there, there are only some common words written like you have passed from his organization, you are very talented and he wishes you a bright future. So what’s the point? Anyone who does the same thing as you, their letter will not be unique. This type of copy paste recommendation letter is easily understood. One thing to keep in mind, the scholarship committee always expects unique things from you.

How to Write Recommendation Letter

Those who wish to apply for a bachelor’s degree and those who do not know English well or are reluctant to write in English will go to the subject teacher who is willing to apply. First, write about yourself from the point of view of your teacher, such as why you are applying for this subject, etc. Below is my school sir’s recommendation letter ( If you are weak in English, you can take the help of I think it is enough to write a letter of around 250 words. Then print the letter on the institution’s pad and bring the teacher’s signature. In case of teacher’s email, if you can give the official email, it is best to use the normal email if it is not private now.

And for those who are university students, they usually send a letter of recommendation to the teacher, but if they are not ready, then bring the institutional pad and get the teacher’s signature ready. I gave the letter ( You can get an idea of ​​the writing pattern, remember that the letter of recommendation written for you will be related to you, which you will not find in anyone else’s letter. And most university teachers have an official email. It was suggested to go to someone who has an official email.
The above is my suggestion, a reflection of the experience of the last 2 years in creating various documents. But one thing I can say is that a standard recommendation letter will make your application much more standard. Try to make a quality application without rushing time, best wishes to all who are applying.

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