Online Birth Certificate Verification Registration and Correction for 2022 in Bangladesh (BD)

The government in Bangladesh launched the online birth certificate verification system along with completing verification, registration, correction, and submission in 2022.

After the opening of digital services, online birth certificate verification, verification, registration, and correction processes are very easy in the country.

Now one can easily check the birth certificate request and its validity along with its history from here very easily.



A birth certificate is an official document that proves that a person belongs to a particular land. It is his first recognition as a citizen of a country.

According to Article 8 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, “Birth must be registered after the birth of the child. According to the rules, the minimum age for obtaining a NID card is eighteen years in most countries.


Up to this age, the individual is given a birth certificate from the local administration office to prove their citizenship. In Bangladesh, in short BD, the Office of the General Registrar and Registry of Births and Deaths is the sole authority to issue birth certificates.

A birth certificate protects the rights of the child; So it is very important for every person born in Bangladesh.


Online Birth Certificate Check
Online Birth Certificate verification

Online Birth Certificate Verification Registration and Correction Process

The government of every country in the world has launched processes to issue a birth certificate online. The Bangladesh government has also launched an online system to do all the work related to the birth certificate.

Therefore, one can apply for birth certificate registration and verification online very easily.


Online Birth Certificate in Bangladesh has become an integral part of an individual’s daily life. The Government of Bangladesh has made online birth certificates mandatory to be used in most cases.

One will not be able to accept his son or daughter if he does not have a birth certificate. Therefore, one should receive his birth certificate as soon as possible.


Birth Certificate Registration

Birth certificate registration

According to the official directive, birth registration must be completed within seven days after the baby is born. Therefore, one must know the basic information about registering a birth certificate in Bangladesh.

In order to apply for a birth certificate, one will first ask for some necessary information such as the child’s father, mother’s name, and date of birth.


To begin the birth certificate registration process, one must first visit either of the two websites of the Office of the General Registrar.

Upon entering the website, one will get an application form where the entry of the registered person and birth address must be provided.

After completing all the empty options, a new page will appear where the registration number of the birth certificate of the father and mother is required.


Online Birth Certificate Verification Registration and Correction Steps

Birth Certificate Verification

Anyone can also check the status of their birth certificate application after completing the registration.

In order to verify the certificate, one will need two basic pieces of information – the date of birth and the serial number given while completing the online process.

The verification process is very simple as there are several steps to verify a birth certificate in Bangladesh.

Check birth certificate online

Check birth certificate online

People can also go through the online birth certificate verification process from this website in particular from here. In order to perform the online examination, one must have two things – the serial number of the birth certificate.

which is provided by the authority at the end of the application process and the last one is the exact date of birth of the newborn. If you have both, follow these directions:


First, find the I-frame below where you will see three empty options. Next, you have to type the required things and you will have to click on the watch or watch button.

One can also do Birth Certificate Verification in Bangladesh using the official website which is 1e Verify bdris gov bd. Just enter the 17-digit birth registration number and one birth date to check or check the birth record.

এপ্লিকেশন আইডি


Check Birth certificate correction

After checking if you find an error or error in our birth certificate, you can correct it by following the same portal. The process is very simple as you will need to apply online.

In this process, one will also ask for the 17-digit birth registration number and the date of the birth certificate to start applying for correction. Just follow what takes you to the end to check your birth certificate online very easily.


Finally, we want to come up with a summary of all the operations in a very simple word. Enter the official website and follow the instructions we have stated on this post in order to check your birth certificate application or registration status.

If you face any problem in checking the certificate online, you can also leave a comment below. So that our team can help you.

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